Information gained from Sildar Hallwinter

The three Rockseeker brothers (Gundren, Tharden, and Nundro) recently located an entrance to the long-lost Wave Echo Cave, site of the mines of the Phandelver’s Pact. (see Background Story)

Klarg, the bugbear who lead the goblins at Cragmaw Hideout had orders to waylay Gundren Rockseeker. Sildar Hallwinter heard from the goblins that the Black Spider sent word that the dwarf was to be brought to him.

Gundren had a map showing the secret location of Wave Echo Cave, but the goblins took it when they captured him. Sildar believes that Klarg sent the map and the dwarf to the chief of the Cragmaws at a place called Cragmaw Castle.

Sildar’s contact in Phandalin is a human wizard named Iarno Albrek. The wizard traveled to the town two months ago to establish order there. After The Lords’ Alliance received no word from Iarno, Sildar decided to investigate.

Information gained from Sildar Hallwinter

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